The WE COUNT! Book:

A Census Counting Book for Kids and the Grownups That Love Them

Under one adorable cover, the WE COUNT! book provides: 

  • An interactive, counting book with illustrations of diverse American families.

  • Portraits by different artists, each representing their own cultural heritage.   

  • Simple, clear, and comprehensive guidance on counting households for the census - including the complicated living arrangements that researchers have identified as most likely to confuse. 

  • An explanation of how Census 2020 data is used, and how families benefit from being counted.

  • An introduction to civic engagement: being seen, being counted, voting and organizing. 

  • Full color, 32-pages 6 x 8 illustrated

  • Created by a team with expertise in early childhood education, diversity and childrens’ publishing.

DRAFT 10/19

THIS IS A draft version as of September 2019, with edits from advisors and researchers to be added. The final book will be 32 pages and available in paperback or hardcover.  

Currently available in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Korean, Arabic, and Bengali. 

Want to help us translate WE COUNT! into  one of the other languages read and spoken in the US?

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