Create a WE COUNT! Campaign

in your community.

Here's how: 







Be sure to get in touch with your Complete Count Committee and tell them about WE COUNT! Here's a link to their website!

Here's a logic model for your proposal, too!  










Take a look at this grant template for help figuring out how to organize and find partners.  Then fill in the template and use it to seek state and local support for your  WE COUNT! Campaign.   


 WE COUNT! Trusted Advisor Partners:

  • Have direct relationships with hard-to-count families and staff that can and can give every family a free copy of WE COUNT! as a gift.

  • Together with family (one on one, or with a group) open, read and look at the WE COUNT! book together to launch a discussion about the Census.

  • 1 or 2 staff-members will participate in a live or online WE COUNT! Training of Trainers, and then they will train the agency staff in a 3-hour WE COUNT! Training (with pre/post test) to discuss the following:  

  • Why the Census is important to all of us.

  • How and why families/households should be counted on the form.

  • How to use the WE COUNT! book to start a conversation about the Census and how to count (in all of its meanings – as a child, a citizen, a parent…etc.)

  • Who to call for answers to complicated Census questions or issues.

  • Willing to prominently display posters and copies of the WE COUNT! book

  • Will invite and encourage parents to attend WE COUNT Events in April 2020.

Optional: Host a WE COUNT! Event in April 2020 (see below) 

(Suggested organizations include: Head Starts, Nursery/PreSchools, WIC, Home Visiting Programs, Maternal and Child Health programs and providers).

WE COUNT! Event Partners: 

Organizations (including Businesses!) that:

  • Are easy to reach and familiar to families.

  • Willing to host a family event and offer Census support and free wifi.

  • Will partner with simply put, the Paterson Library System and the Complete Count Census committee.

  • Able to fund or find funding for all costs associated with the event. 

(This could include. libraries, schools, Head Start, restaurants, hair salons, local supermarkets or Target stores)

WE COUNT! Promotional Partners: 

  • Willing to prominently display posters and copies of the WE COUNT! book. (The poster explaining that they are funded based on the Census count is meant to nudge the many service providers who don’t realize how their livelihood is connected to the Census)

  • Staff members can be trained by local Trained Trainers or invited to watch an online video and then reinforce the importance of the Census and encourage families to include children 0 to 5 correctly in the count.

  • Encourage Families to go to the WE COUNT! Family Fun events, and make referrals to families that want additional help filling out the Census form.

Optional: Host a WE COUNT! Event in April 2020

(This could include all community, government and non-profit agencies and businesses)

What a WE COUNT! Partnership looks like: 


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