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  • How much does WE COUNT! cost?
    To keep the prices as low as possible we offer the following: Buy the Box: $210.00 per box of 100 in English or Spanish ($175 + $35 shipping and handling) Includes: 100 books all in the same language Online Membership with unlimited access to online Training, Program Tools, Peer Support, and Event Kit. $135 per box of 50 in English or Spanish (also includes all above)
  • How can I get the books in another language?
    We are currently only selling English and Spanish books - and are out of stock on all other translations. The ebooks of all 15 languages are available at and once we have some sense of timing on the census and the need we will try to go back to press quickly. Thanks for your patience.
  • How is WE COUNT! different than other Census materials?
    1. WE COUNT! is more than just a beautiful book. It is a complete Program and Campaign stratetegy that is informed by research on Community Engagement, Census messaging, adult learning, and early childhood development. Communities that adopt the WE COUNT! Campaign will have access to culturally and linguistically responsive tools and strategies that they can adapt and contextualize as needed. 2. WE COUNT! is authentic - created with parents and family support workers from immigrant communities in New Jersey, and illustrated by artists who themselves have immigrated from the cultures their art reflects. 3. We trust "Trusted Advisors." The WE COUNT! Campaign will work best if it is created by all of us, talking together and learning from one another to ensure families that it is worth their time to take the Census, and it is safe to provide complete information. If your community has a good idea - for how to use the art, how to add to the event kit or any other part of the strategy - we are here to help you actualize it, and to encourage you to share your innovation with other communities! YOU COUNT too!
  • Why do we have to buy a boxes of WE COUNT! all in the same language?
    Our printer is ONLY able to ship complete boxes directly from the printing plant to you. That saves us the cost of shipping books to a distribution center who then must unpack and repack your quantity - no matter how many books - and then ship those books to you. We've passed that savings on to you - and want to help you reach more families and work with additional community partners so your WE COUNT! box is both a value and valuable!
Attend a live
 Informational Webinar
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Find out why the census is so important and what you can do to count all kids in your community.

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