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WE COUNT! provides online:

  • Customizable invitation and posters that can be printed for hanging and distribution to neighbors, clients, patients, parents, etc.

  • Pre-event classroom activities and suggestions for integrating literacy and numeracy into curriculum and future family engagement events.

  • An Event plan and peer to peer networking support includes:  

    • Event checklist and online implementation support. 

    • Fun counting and reading games and activities

    • Recipe” for counting cookies /cupcakes"

    • Sign up sheets for appointments for census support during the event

    • Targeted marketing materials and customizable templates for pursuing corporate sponsorships

    • Press release template and support for inviting media to promote and cover your event!"

    • Raffles, Bingo, and Census Matching Games

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The Family Event Kit 

The 2020 Census is online for the first time.  This promises to add confusion (and expensive data minutes) to the process.  WE COUNT!'s Family Event Kit gives you tools to bring families together in April at a fun event where they can also complete the Census as one community, and with support from your staff.   

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